In accordance with its Objectives (Article 2), IADMFR enables members of good standing who can demonstrate excellence in proficiency and/or achievements in the discipline, to apply for Fellowship of the Association.

Fellowship status shall be granted to deserving members of the Association, having had their credentials reviewed by a committee of fellows and honorary members of the Association.

Use of the title “Fellow of the IADMFR":

Fellows shall be entitled to use the title “Fellow of the International Association of DentoMaxilloFacial Radiology (FIADMFR)” in accordance with the following Guidelines, and subject to their own country’s Statutory Regulations:

  • In Association registers, following academic and professional qualifications
  • When submitting a paper for publication in a professional journal, for information to the editorial board
  • On published material, such as textbooks, chapters, and monographs
  • On name cards, and when signing a visitor’s register

The title FIADMFR may not be used:

On professional stationery, nameplates, directories (other than those of IADMFR)

Requirements for Eligibility:

  1. Membership of the International Association of DentoMaxilloFacial Radiology (IADMFR) for a period of five (5) consecutive years.
  2. Attendance at and active contribution to at least two IADMFR Congresses.
  3. Demonstration of recognition as a specialist in DMFR or a related science.
  4. Demonstration of outstanding proficiency or achievement in DMFR or a related science in one of more of the following: education/ research/ publication / administration
  5. Written support for the application in the form of personal citations from three members of IADMFR


Fellowship Applications are available from, and should be returned to, the Secretary General of IADMFR, in accordance with these instructions. Applications may be submitted at any time, but in a Congress year must be received no later than January 31st for processing at that Congress. Applications received after this date will be deferred for consideration at the subsequent Congress.

A non-refundable fee of € 500, payable to IADMFR, must be submitted at the time of application:

  • Unsuccessful applicants may resubmit an amended application together with a further non-refundable fee of € 200 on each occasion.
  • The Fellowship Committee will provide unsuccessful applicants with guidance concerning the result of their application.
  • A maximum of three submissions may be made.
  • The level of fees will be reviewed periodically by the Board of Directors.

The Fellowship Committee will consider all applications on their merits. The Fellowship Committee is an appointed committee of IADMFR, consisting of five Honorary or Fellow Members of IADMFR.

The Committee may invite the applicant to attend an interview to assist in their decision making process. The Fellowship Committee will consider all the information submitted with an individual’s application, and make a recommendation to the Board of Directors for approval; the General Assembly must ratify approval by the Board of Directors.

The status of Fellow and the use of the title “Fellow of the International Association of DentoMaxilloFacial Radiology,” and the letters FIADMFR are dependent on a continued membership of, and good standing in, the Association.